Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Somethings we have been up to.....
We have been doing alot of different things around here lately. For some reason though I have not been taking alot of pictures. Well here are some that I did get plus a few of our recent art projects. I hope you enjoy.
To practice on Gabe's reading and spelling we played scrabble junior. He loved it so much, mostly because he won. As you can see in the picture I had all of the tiles flipped over. You had to pick a tile and place it on the matching spot on the board. It could be placed in any word. The first one to complete two words won. He had a lot of fun doing it.
Sam for his English did some Mad libs books to practice the parts of the speech. I love the mad libs books, it makes the learning parts of speech fun for the kids. They even get to practice their creativity. I found a great card game at Target the other day. It is a mad lib card game. So much fun.
We are studying Australia now, so I am trying to get some different crafts that we can make up an Australia wall. Here are some that we made so far. These first set of pictures are of the cave paintings, like the aboriginals use to do. You take crayons and draw on sand paper. Easy to do and pretty fun. The picture above is the one that Gabe did. They came out much better than the pictures look.
This wonderful creation (LOL) was mine. I joined in with the boys to make one and it was kind of fun.
These two are made by Sam. The first one is of an apple tree. The second is a nice day. DH has not made one because he was at work, but he will probably make one later. I will try to post a picture when he does.
These are pictures of the Boomerangs that the boys made. Gabe's is the top picture he has two because after the first one (Brown one) he said he wanted to make one as nice as Sam's. So sweet I gave him the one I was supposed to paint. Sam's is in the bottom picture. I was really proud of him. Normally when he does a project like this he paints U.S. landmarks on it. That is not a bad thing, it was really nice to see him do something different though. Dh and I still plan on making one we have just been really busy. When they are done I will try to post pictures of them.
Now for the boys will be boys section...
When I ask Gabe to make his bed. It never fails the blanket always attacks him. Silly boy.
This morning they decided to have wrestling match on my bed . Looks like Sam won.
He looks like the King of the mountain. He never stops climbing. He tells every one that he is a monkey.
Smile pretty for the Camera.
Gabe feel and hurt himself this morning (He is fine). The sure way to make him smile again is to blow on his belly. I mean look at the Smile. Then of course he wants to do it to every one else, So Sam voluntered for this round. They have really good times together.
I hope that every one is having fun with all of their learning. Have a great day!


Kate in NJ said...

Your boys always look so happy and school looks like so much fun there.
I love seeing how close they are..such a nice change from the sibling rivalry we see with siblings near us!

Mrs. Darling said...

Isnt it just amazing how boys sit everywhere but in their chairs? LOL