Friday, January 18, 2013

What I Love -- Apps

For today I thought that I would share some apps that the kids are loving with the school work. First up are the ones that Sam likes. 
iPad Screenshot 4
 GeoDash Wild Animal Dash  --- This app is a lot of fun.  It is set up kind of like an arcade game.  If you see in the bottom corners there are dials that help control the direction that they move and how to Jump.  You move the character around collecting the different things.  It then gives them ability of different animals.  Once they finish the level they earn a new animal card that has a  picture, fast facts, goofy jokes, and weird trivia.  Overall a really fun game and the app was free. 
iPhone Screenshot 3

iPad Screenshot 1
WWF Together
This is a new one that we got.  Sam really loves learning new info about animals all the time.  This is full of amazing info about animals all over the world.  Absolutely stunning photos of animals and lots of fun interactive activities.  This was also a free app.

iPad Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 4                     Stack the Countries
We all love this app as well as the Stack the Countries.  It is a lot of fun to try to figure out how to balance the countries to make it to the line.  The end gives you the total of miles that your stack was, the kids find that really fun to know that.  What can I say my boys are a couple of geeks.  The game does have a few mini games that they can unlock with more countries that they earn.  This app does cost.  It goes for a 1.99.
iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 4Tiny Countries
This is one of our newest ones.  Sam found it really easy and beat the game in one sitting.  Gabe however loves it.  The little chick is actually a spy that is trying to stop Dr. Evil.  Each  mission involves answering questions about different countries.  This app is also free.

We of course have other apps that we love but when I asked the boys what was their favorite this is what they told me right away.  What are some of the apps that you are loving.  I would love to hear what they are, leave me a comment to let me know.

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