Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Kings!

 For our world geography we are using the program Expedition Earth.  The boys are really loving it.  We stick pretty much to the schedule for Gabe but we added in extra country pages for Sam.  The program is wonderful full of crafts, recipes, and fun facts.  Today we are finishing up our South Korea.  Sam actually made supper today, Korean BBQ beef.  I was really yummy.  The craft was to make jeweled crowns. 

 Sam's crown is on the left and Gabe's is on the right.  This is a top and front view of the crowns.  There was no specific directions on how to make them it was the kids decision.  The crown was just supposed to represent the metal work that South Koreans did.  Sam made his first and added all of the feathers, they represent different things of the Korean Flag.  Gabe made his second and idolizes his big brother so it looks just like his. 

 Both of the boys showing off their creations.  Such cuties they are.

My two kings!  Love these two!

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