Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animal art

Today I thought that I would share the new book I got from the library.  This book takes major art pieces from world famous artist.  Then they break them down into easy to do lessons for kids to create there own art pieces. 
The first lesson that the boys did was called wax elephant.  It is based around the style of Franz Marc.  They outline the drawing with crayon (the wax) and then paint the rest in with water color paints.

Sam followed the directions and made the wax elephant.  I think that it turned out great.  I love the bright colors that he choose.

Sweet little Gabe.  First off he is trying to give him self bunny ears.  When I asked him why he is giving himself bunny ears he says "I want to give some one bunny ears"  LOL this kid cracks me up on a regular basis.  Second this kid NEVER wants to do the actual assignment.  In this case he did not want to make the animal.  So I of course I allowed him to do what he wanted as long he used the technique.  So in true Gabe style he did his favorite superhero Iron man with the superhero that Sam created, World Man.  I think that is final project is just as amazing as Sam's.
So I have two amazing little artist on my hands.  I can not wait to try out the other projects in this book.  Have a great night everyone.  See you tomorrow with "what I love" school editions. 

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