Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A return to blogging...

Ahh time, it really does pass as quickly as the wind.  How many times over the last several months have I thought "I really need to get back to blogging" but something comes up to stop it from happening.  It makes me kind of sad when that happens because I really do enjoy blogging.  So I made a schedule up with topic ideas to make it a little easier to get to blogging.  It goes a little something like this...

Mondays - I will do a review of school from the week before and post our goals for the new week.
Tuesdays - I am calling them "Tasty Tuesdays" ( I know an original name, LOL).  I will share any of the tasty things that we have going on in our kitchen.
Wednesdays - It is the day to share crafts.  They might be school related or personal, maybe even our Etsy shop listings. 
Thursdays - A mish mash kind of day, not sure what I will write about.  It will all depend on what I feel like that day.
Fridays - "What I love" school edition.  I will share different items that we are using that I am in love with.  It could be anything books, crafting, games, or more.
The weekends I am going to take off so that I can focus on my family and get ready for the new week.

I know that this is Tuesday so according to the schedule it should be "Tasty Tuesday" but I thought I would start off with the intro back and start in with regular blogging tomorrow.  Things have been busy here (imagine that) and we are just getting back to school after a little hiatus, we did kind of an unschooling method over the holidays.  Hopefully I can get back into the routine rather quickly.  Since starting back to school this week Sam has been thriving.  He really loves having structure and routine.  One of the things he really needed to work on was time management and goal completion, so we picked him a day planner.  He LOVES it.  Gabe on the other hand is the same old Gabe, SPECIAL.  I love that kid but man can he be a big pain when it comes to getting any of his work done.  He is so imaginative and loves to play all the time that he has a really hard time shutting that off. 

Thought that I would mention the photos.  The top one I took when we went to the local farmers market.  I edited it using instagram.  The bottom one is of the boys at the botanical gardens.  It is actually the picture we used for our Christmas card this year.  Well I think it is time to wrap it up.  Still got more work to do tonight.  I will be back tomorrow for any of the readers that I really hope I still have.  Would love to hear from you so leave me a message.  Good night all..

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