Wednesday, January 09, 2013

American Reveloution Crafting

Time for a craft post for you.  This one has to do with schooling (obvious huh.)  It was a presentation put on by Sam.  We have always had a hard time teaching Sam history.  That is because the kid know so much about it.  He has always been an avid reader and his choice of topic, history.  We do work on Story of the World with him but more often than not he stops us to add in facts that the other did not mention.  We decided that he needed extra in his studies to satisfy him.  We thought that we would give him a time period in which to research and then present us with a presentation over the topic.  There is no rules just be creative and have fun.  First up is the American Revolution.
The first picture is of his entire board.  If you click on it, you might have an easier time to see it.  It was huge, hard for him to get closer and fit the whole thing in. 
He drew all of these little people to represent the most influential people in the war.  He actually has them going all around the whole display.  They actually have facts listed on the backs of them and carry the flags for the countries they were supporting.
He had plenty of battle diagrams.

There was also lots of lift the flap sections to give more info.  He really did do a great job on it.  He is already starting to work on his next project, the industrial revolution. 

See you guys tomorrow, have a great one.

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