Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goals and snowballs

Ok so I am not quite up to speed on getting these entries done but I am getting much better.I know that yesterday I was supposed to put on our weekly goals.  Then today was supposed to be "Tasty Tuesday".  I thought that I would do a little combo. 

I will start with the "Tasty Tuesday".  We have been busy around here so I have not had much time to have some yummy treats made up.  I did get one made up today though.  I LOVE Pinterest and found this treat.  It is called Pineapple Coconut snowballs.  They are super easy to make and really yummy.  Check it out.

Now for the goals...
Myself --since Christmas we have been fighting off illness and exhaustion.  Because of that we kind of fell behind on cleaning up all of the holiday and project supplies.  I have been working on my room this week so the goal is to get it completed by the weekend.  I am always working on the kids school schedule.  Those boys of mine are always hungry to learn new things and in fun ways, so it keeps me busy on that front.  On the craft front  I have a couple of projects in the works.  Then again I always have something in the Works.  LOL

Sam -- We are working on more independent learning with Sam.  So his goals are ongoing.  We are working with him on his time management skills, so he has a new day planner.  He is still working on how to figure out how to set it up.  He is working on learning about Monet and his art.  This week he is trying to get his research paper about Lincoln done.  Plus working on the Human body and Math lessons. 

Gabe-- Oh Little Gabe he is ever the hand full.  The main goal with him is to get a little focused and not have to be on his case so much about getting the work done.  He is covering all his basic subjects as usual.  He is looking forward to Friday when we have these two little cuties joining us for a day of school.  It should be a lot of fun.

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