Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Loggerhead Marine Life Center, part four

Ok so my final entry on the Marine Life center.  Once we were all done with looking around the inside, we decided to walk the nature trails over to the beach.  It was really pretty.  I must admit a good work out too, walking in flip flops on that sand.

Once we got into the trail a little bit we could see the ocean.  See that small spot in the center of the picture.  That is the ocean, yup it seemed far.  It ended up not being all that far away.
Before we knew it we were there.   Ahh and it was so nice.
The boys started sending their footprints off to the Bahamas.

 I like to call this picture "contemplation".  It really describes Sam so well.  He is always trying to figure out problems, contemplating on them, you know. 
And my other little guy.  He finds wonder in every little thing.  Here he is showing me the wet sand he found.  I know imaging that, wet sand at a beach.  LOL.  He is just to cute though.
They have not ever spent a whole lot of time around snow but they know what snow angels are.  So they decided to make sand angels.  Too funny!

All in all it was a really great day.  The boys can not wait to go back again soon.  I hope you enjoyed all of our pictures.

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