Monday, April 18, 2011

Loggerhead Marine Life Center, part three

So I am back with part three.  We really enjoyed the Sanctuary so much that I had to split these photos into multiple days.  Today is of the inside of the place.  It had lots of cool exhibits for the kids to look at.  The first few photos that I am sharing with you were taken by Sam.  He is hosting Flat Cam and wanted to show some of the things in there.
He thought that the giant sharks tooth was really cool.
As you can see from these two pictures he enjoyed seeing the turtle skeletons.  He really liked seeing the similarities of their skeleton and ours. 

This was a sculpture done to show how turtles hatch.
They had several cool aquariums in there too.
I really liked this shot.  There is actually only one shrimp in this photo, it is a mirrored side.  I love how they look like they glow in the dark.
Star fish, so simple, so pretty.
Sam exploring on the many hands on exhibits.  He loved this place so much, so many things to learn.
This skeleton hung up overhead.  It had to be one of the largest Sea Turtles that I have ever seen.  It actually could not fit completly in the frame.

So much learning going on.  It was a great day.  Check back tomorrow for my last entry on the sanctuary, the beac.  Until then have a good one.

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