Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loggerhead Marine Life Center, part two

Ok so one of the really cool things that the kids got to do was be junior vets.  They supplied them with lab coats as you see in the picture below.
Dr. Gabe and Dr. Sam reporting for duty.
Once they go in to the area they have a table with a turtle and some tools on it.  Everything a vet would need to take care of a sick or injured turtle when it first comes in.
Here is the info sheet that they had to fill in while examining the turtle.
A close up of the table and all of their equipment.
The boys listening so attently to Dr. Logger.  He was really good at the job, made sure all of the kids got to answer questions. 
The had a mock drill where they got to go out and rescue a turtle.  You can not see it to well but he is holding a plastic one in his hands that has been attacked.  The kids got to help by telling everything the saw that was wrong.
Once they went back to their table the started to work on examing the turtles.  I love the focus on Sam's face here.  He was so into this.  I had alot more pictures to share with you but for some reason when I tried loading them, some kept saying server rejected.  Sorry.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for part 3, the inside of the santuary.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Logger here. Just saw your post, I was surfing the web. Glad your sons enjoyed the junior vet program.Next time your in the area stop in on a Saturday and say hello.