Saturday, April 16, 2011

Loggerhead Marine Life Center, part one

Wow have these last few weeks been really busy.  Thankfully Tax season is now done, So I have my help back.  No more trying to hold everything up on my own.  Well when tax season ends we always try to throw a few outings in for the boys to help make up for the lost time with dad.  The first place they wanted to go was to the Loggerhead Marine Life Sanctuary.  They got to go there a few weeks ago for a birthday party and could not wait to go back.  I have to agree the place was pretty cool.  I took so many pictures that I am going to split them up over the next few days.  For today I put up pictures of the turtles healing in the tanks.  All of the turtles are rescue turtles and will be released back into the ocean once they are healed.  Some are injured from shark attacks, or even motor boats.

Check back tomorrow when I share the pictures of the boys geting to act like Sea turtle vets.

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