Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Japanese Egg Molds

Alright I am so far behind on my entries it is not really funny.  I was meaning to show you some stuff that we did over the holidays but it is just way to late know.  I did want to share something pretty cool with you that the boys got for Christmas though, Japanese egg molds
They come in sets of two.  We got the one that has a car and fish.  As you can see they are big enough to fit one egg each in.  We were not really sure how to use them since the directions were written in Japanese.  Thankfully they did have pictures on the back so we could have some clue how to use it.  First we made hard boiled eggs like you normally would.  Then we quickly peeled them while they were still hot, put them in the container and sealed it off.  On the package it had a picture with the containers in a bowl of water, so we put the containers in warm water for about 10 minutes.
Once they were done they looked like this.  The car came out really cute.  The fish however had a hard time getting the tail working though, LOL.

Look how cute the car is.  It was alot of fun for the boys.  Hope you enjoyed. 

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