Saturday, January 08, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Ok another really late post, please hang in there with me because I have another couple of these before I am caught back up.  On Thanksgiving we always head over to the west coast of Florida and celebrate.  The kids always have fun over there with the family.  This year was a big showing, 14 of us.
The trip is a long drive for everyone (4 hours)  so we make a stop at the rest stop on the way.  This was the morning of Thanksgiving, as you can see Gabe is very excited for the day to happen, what can I say he loves to eat.
Once we arrived his uncles were already there and he just had to take Gypsy for her walk.
My Grandmother lives in one of the many retirment communities in florida and this is of her back yard and several of her neighbors.  My brothers boyfriend took the shot on my camera using the panoramic setting.  I think it came out pretty well the yard just does bend the way it looks.  One of the great things about the park she lives in is there is always so much different things you can see when out for a walk.  So one time when Gabe went to play shuffle board with his dad, Sam and I went for a walk.  Here is some of the shots we got.
I love the bright red on the flower.  Also the fact that you can see the sun shining off the bee's back is pretty cool too.
There is a few of these spanish moss trees around the park.  I think that they are so neat.  These next few shots are of these two birds that would just walk around the park.  I just thought that they were so beautiful and we could get so close to them.  Hope you enjoy them, I experimented with the black and white on some of them.

We also had some fun at the park near by.  Unfortunetly the playground portion was closed for repairs so the boys could only use the swings. 
Gabe worked at learning how to through the frisbee.  His form is coming along really nice.
Got some more loving from Gypsy.
Listened to some books on tape with best friends.  (If you look close he put head phones on the monkey too.  He is such a cutie)

Well that was our Thanksgiving.  Thanks so much for letting me share it with you all.  I hope that you all had a great one too!

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