Thursday, February 03, 2011

Public Speaking

I am pretty hit or miss on my entries latley. When I do post it is very little about the schooling any more, so  I thought I would share a little public speaking today.  The boys have one day a week where they work on public speaking for English.  I pick out a different poem for each of them to do and then they read it aloud working on emotion and pronounciation of words.  Well this week I put each of them on video after they worked on it a little.  Please forgive the poor taping.  I had not used the video feature on my new camera yet, so a few things to work out still.  Enjoy it other wise though, each video is around one minute long.

I got the poems this week from A Burst of Firsts.  It is a great book of poems, make sure to check it out.  Just in case any one could not understand everything I thought that I would include the poems each one read, starting with Sam and then Gabe's.

First Person to Create Blue Jeans
Levi Strauss - San Francisco - 1873

First, coal miners wore the pants.
(Denim came from southern France.)
Cowboys followed, then came teens--
Half the world is wearing jeans.

You decide which pair you want--
Zipper-fly or button-front,
Loose-fit, wide leg, classic kind...
Half the world's been redesigned,
Sew it seams, on its behind.

First Time the Sound Barrier Was Broken
By a Brontosaurus -- About 100 million years ago

A Brontosaurus tail
Could cause a frightful gale.

THE SNEEZE! The sudden lash,
The wind -- and then the CRASH!

What first broke the sound barrier?
A Brontosaurus derriere.

I am going to video tape the boys each week for their public speaking so I will try and share it with you all.  I hope to get back here soon, who knows though.  Got a lot of work to do around here right now, a certian little boy around here turns 8 on the 12th.  Hope to see you all soon, hacve a good one.

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