Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 12, 2003

Someone Turned 8!!!
Needless to say he was pretty excited about it all.  He kept saying all day that it was the "BEST DAY EVER!!!"  LOL
One of his first gifts that he got to open was from his Aunt and Uncle in New Jersey.  He was to funny and told me I better get the camera.  Always the little ham!  They did such a great job.  They got him a little handheld game from the movie Cars 
This was his really large big gift from us.  He saw this monkey at Toys R Us and loved it.  The thing is though that he saw it at christmas after we had already finished all of his shopping.  So we really surprised him on his birthday.  We even bought a couple shirts for him to dress up in.  My husband thought that the Donkey Kong shirt on him was to perfect.
Look at the size compared to him this thing is huge.
He is really into music and wanting to be a singer.  Sam got him a new guitar for his birthday to help along that dream.  Such a good brother.  ;)
Gabe even wanted to have his monkey Sam (yes he named him after his brother) play the guitar too.  He actually took this picture of him.
My two monkeys eating banana monkey pancakes.  We got an adorable pan at Target for the monkey pancakes. 
Gabe is really into the movie Cars.  His dad made this play set of radiator springs for him.  then to go with it we picked up some extra cars to go with it.
His cake.  O.k.  first go easy on me they were really hard to take pictures of  because of all the different angles.  Of course it is not the best job on the decorating either, but that is a whole nother story.  It was of this really cool ice cream and cake pan that I got at target.  Unfortunetly I did not take a picture of the pan to share with you and I can not find a link for you to see it.    The animals on it were a monkey (of course), an elephant, a lion, a gator, and a hippo.

We had a really nice lunch with family.  Gram and Harriet made a 4 hour drive just to have lunch with him.  I think he is pretty loved.

Getting a little sugar high from the cake. 

What always comes after the sugar high...the sugar low of course.  This monkey is so comfy to snuggle with...  seriuosly comfy.
even Rob got a snuggle in.  LOL
Later that night we had some friends stop by.  Which it is always fun to watch this little guy play.  He really loved Gabe's car that he got for christmas.
Sam used his uDraw to make brother a birthday card

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