Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little about Sam....

Sometimes it is kind of hard to know what Sam wants in life.  He is kind of a private kid and keeps all of that to himself.  As his mom, knowing what he wants is important of course.  Well lately he really has been into Arts and Crafts, so I decided to give him a project that would help me find out.  Some people call the dream boards, some call them wish boards, you can call it what you wish.  They are really the same thing, things that you want in life.   
So here is Sam's board.  He took a large canvas and covered in so polar fabric.  Then he glued some animal ribbon around the board because he wants to save animals all over the world.  Then he took some wooden shapes and painted them up to represent things he wants most in life.  Lets take a look at them shall we.
He wants to visit Canada!
Build his own house!
Start a store of his very own!
Be a farmer and grow his own food!
The monkey represents his brother!
Be a World Traveler!
Start a Zoo to help all of the animals he rescues!
Be CEO of National Geographic!
The frog represents himself, because that is my nickname for him.
Well I hope you liked his board.  He made sure to leave extra space because he will have more dreams in the future.  I love that he is always dreaming.  I think the world has a good future with him in it dreaming the way he does.

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