Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another entry of those crazy boys!

OK I did manage to get back here for another post this week.  Yeah!!!  I just had to share this with everyone.  It is the newest public speaking videos.  This week I let the boys do their own.  I told them that they could set up a stage and use props, they had so much fun.   I hope you enjoy what they came up with.  Sam is actually already working on what he should do for next week.  Lets just say it should be interesting.  One is more than likely going to end up dressed like a sumo wrestler.

Here are the poems that each of them read.  It came from a book called Someone Used My Toothbrush!  The poems are written in the order of the videos, so Gabe is up first.


There's a bellowing in the bathroom
Like a mad moose on the loose
Or perhaps it is a rhino,
Or a loudly honking goose.
could it be a wounded bison?
A gorilla's mating call?
It bounces off the ceiling,
And echoes down the hall.
Could it be a brontosaurus
Roaring at full power?
No, it's just our dear old dad,
Singing in the shower.


Our medicine cabinet is full of junk,
Squeezed-out tubes of nameless gunk,
Little brown bottles of ancient pilld
To fix some long-frogotten ills.
Sprays for noses, feet, and pits,
Half-a-dozen cures for zits.
Barettes and scrunchies, mousse and gel,
Ointments with obnoxious smells,
Thermometers and toenail clippers,
Rusty razors, nose-hair snippers,
Cough drops, syrups of all sorts,
Patches to get rid of warts.
Wipes and swipes and salve for sores,
Two small plastic dinosaurs,
Sunblock, sunscreen, sunburnlotions,
Tiny jars of mystery potions,
Bandages and dental floss,
Fake tattoos and old lip gloss.
Safety pins and dye for hair --
Open up that door with care,
For if you don't, then you will chance
A medicine cabinet avalanche.

I hope that you are enjoying the shows that they put on as much as they are doing them.  I am so proud of these two videos because they did them all on their own and are very funny serious and well done.  No all joking aside I thought that they did a great job.

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