Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Zones....

Reading my blog you have noticed that we are very interested in studying things around the world. So an area that we could make fun for our studies was the time zones. We decided to make clocks painted to look like the flags of countries.

So here is our first set of them, our goal is to make a wall of them. We picked up the clocks at Wal-mart for 3.97 each. So the whole project has cost us less than 12.00. The kids are loving it because they get to choose each of the countries that we put on it. Then Sam has been setting the times. Each month we are going to try and add 2 new countries.
Sydney, Australia

Montevideo, Uruguay

London, England

Brasilia, Brazil
We put cities on them to since the only country that has one time zone is China. This way they can figure out the exact time zone. Hope you enjoyed the project and I will try to share others as they are completed.

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MamaGames said...

This is a great idea! I would have loved to have thought of it back when my Dad first started working in South Africa... just to do 1 clock like the South African flag and set it to the correct time... but it's never too late!

Can't wait to see the whole wall, when you're done!