Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My last post was about my youngest and one of the many things that makes him amazing. I thought this time I would write about my oldest and one of the many great things that makes him amazing. That would be his maturity. Sam has always been a very old soul since he was born. When other kids would run and jump in puddles he would not because he was far to mature for that, LOL. Well that attitude is producing an amazing young man. At 10 he is so much help to me. I mean do not get me wrong he still does have some of those younger moments, after all he is in the early preteen phase. Most often though he will jump at things when I ask for help. Here a some pictures to help capture him more.
He got his very own sewing machine for Christmas last year because he was dying to make all of his own things. He is responsible enough that I can actually leave him unattended to do it. In some ways he is doing better on the sewing machine that I do, LOL.
Probably the biggest thing that he shows his maturity on is with his brother. He demonstrates such a patience with him. We joke around here that he actually a better parent than us to him, it is just a joke though :0). Nah he is always watching out for him, best big brother ever.
For the past two years Sam has been taking dance class. He started taking just hip hop and has added on Tap, Acro, and now Ballet in the fall. The dance classes have helped him so much in his growth. He such focus when he is in there, it is amazing to see.

He even has an amazing creative side. I love his little firemen made out of playdough. He is always thinking of new things to make out every type of material he can find.

The thing that his dad probably loves best about his maturity is that he can sit and play board games with him now. Dads pretty happy about that one. ;0)
Needless to say as long as he stays on the track that he is on, the future is bright for him with the maturity that he has. I am such a proud mama of the two amazing boys that I have.

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