Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh my little guy oozes imagination. His favorite thing to say is "What if..." usually that is ended with some unusual possibility. He definetly keeps me on my toes with all of the stuff that he comes up with. I thought I would share some pictures from today on some of the silly things he came up with.
Here he was playing with a fabric tunnel that I made for him a while ago. Look at the smile he is such a doll. :0) Well to start with he was crawling to his platypus, Pepto. After that he stayed in it and pretended to be a log. Once he was done being the log he came over to the table where his brother and I were working. When I asked him what he was doing his reply was "I am a dragon". Who knew how much you could do with a fabric tunnel.
Here while he was waiting for his next lesson he was playing imagianary attacks on other countries and trying to conquer them. He did not use a single item for this except the map, and played awhile with it.

Then he decided to be just plain silly. Yup he is eating a lemon! That is my boy, gotta love him. These pictures by the way is just a 2 hour time period today. He is always trying new things out.
His imagination has always been strong for him.. He can be anywhere and entertain himself (as long as he is not tired) no matter what he has. One day I even saw him pretend his fingers where people. Oh I love that Imagination. What does your child create with their imagination. I would love to hear. Leave me a message telling me. Till next time have a great one.

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Thank you given such a nice photos.I really love this picture.All are very fun..