Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marsupial Love

Looky, Looky I made it back for a second day straight. Woo Hoo! Alright I will get to why I am here, I thought that I would try to get everyone caught up on what we have been doing and the boys have been loving of it. To start off with the boys are loving studying Australia, so much so they want to move there. :0)
The thing that they are loving the most are the animals, mostly the marsupials. This picture is actually of a poster that the made recently about the different marsupials. It has the fur pouches to store each animal in. They included on the back of each animal some info about it. Then to top it off the drew what each of the habitats looked like. They are pretty proud of how it turned out, I think that they did a great job.
I shared photos with you yesterday of the platypus that I made for the boys, I thought you might appreciate these. Gabe is having so much fun with his, he made a leash all on his own for it. As you can see he is pretty pleased with himself. The photo below is just to give you a closer look at what he did.

My other one ever so eager to learn, has decided to design his own stuffed animal now. He is making a wombat. Of course he is going to end up making two because his little brother wants one too. I am very proud of the ambition that he has.

On a side not if you look at his shirt that he is wearing it is another sign of how much he is loving Australia. It is a shirt that his dad painted for him of Ayer's rock.

This final picture is not of an animal (well if you ask him he will tell you that he is a monkey, LOL) but of Gabe's sewing project, Australian themed. He is making a boomerang pillow.
I will make sure to share photos of each of their projects when they are done. Until then I hope to be back soon, Have a great one everybody.

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