Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sandoway Nature Center

This is actually a little over due post. We went to the Sandoway house back in the middle of June. Ahh better late than never right. It was an amazingly beautiful little place. It was a nature center out of a home that was built in 1936. The people there were so willing to help you learn on anything. When we got there I handed my camera over to Sam and told him that he could take any pictures that he wanted. So all of the following pictures are complements of Sam. Hope you enjoy them. I personally think he is developing quite an eye in photography. :0).
These two shots are from the observation deck on the roof. Look at that view of the ocean, imagining waking to that every morning. The one below is of their little rock garden that they had.

These shots share a little info with you about the place and a shot of the front of the place. The fencing by the flag is where we were standing for the top two shots.

This place was full of sea shells from around the world. I do not believe that the info Above goes with the shell below but I could be mistaken. There was whole rooms there that was dedicated to shells. If I remember correctly they said that the shells have been collected over the last 40 years from everywhere.
They had displays all around of animals, some were statues like the one above but they did have some live animals there. Out back they had a small pool transformed into a shark tanks with some other fish in it. Out front they had other animals like turtles and birds.

This was my buddy swifty. He liked me, He stayed by the glass while I was there but hid when other people came around. Unlike this

bird. He Hated me. He would flip out any time I went near there. The workers said later that he does like women. I mean he was fine with my husband and the boys. Thats alright though I had fun with swifty.
It was a really nice place to visit, I hope to take the boys back there soon.

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