Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yummy Fun!!!!!

We wanted to have a fun and yummy treat this weekened with the boys. What to do?
Well I have these two products. Any ideas yet. I mean it is ballons and candy melts.
Try blowing up the ballons and then putting a coating of melted candy melts on the bottom. Let them harden. Once it has harden pop the ballons.
Then you have some CANDY BOWLS. So fun and easy. Now what to put in them. Our choice...
Ice cream sundaes. Now that is a fun and yummy treat.

The boys loved them and can not wait to try them again.
I got the idea for this project over here at this site. I think that next time we do this I will use chocolate chips to make the bowl because I had problems coating it with the candy melts. I actually had to use a butter knife and spread it on the balloon. All in all though it was great fun.

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Amber said...

YUM! My children would love this! Thanks for the yummy idea!