Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Week Wrap Up....

Plus one very tired mommy equals a pretty decent week. Another week is done here. It has been a very busy yet productive week. It amazes me to see how much they have grown over the last year. The maturity is showing in how hard they work. I mean don't get me wrong there is still the occasional fight on doing things, just less.
One night when I went to make supper, Gabe needed to do his file folder game still, so Sam offered to teach him. I thought great go for it, and they were so cute. Every time Gabe got it right, Sam would High Five him.
We have been loving our Story of the World Activity book. One of the new activities was to do cave paintings. The boys had a blast with it. Gabe tried to recreate his stuffed animals that he loves. Then Sam stayed more authentic with his. He made a hunting a wolly mammoth scene. I think that it turned out great.
For science this week daddy gave them a lesson to make ugly bugs. Supplies for this was mini muffins, frosting, candy corn, gummy worms, frosting, mini marshmallows, and pretzels. Amazing, instead of putting it on the weekend when he would be here, he put it during the week, so I got the joy of teaching them. I think he just wanted to avoid the sugar rush. :) They did have a blast though.

One of their life skill lessons was to work on cutting. I found a fun piece for Sam to cut out and assemble over here.
They both worked on State Capitals with daddy playing Sequence State Capitals. I absolutly love these sequence games. We have the kids version too, and now we got the Math one.

To work on some of logic that comes with math. The boys each had a puzzle to do. Gabe just works on the hundred piece puzzles right now, so he gets his done in one day. Sam is a little bit bigger so it takes longer. The puzzle he is working on right is Egypt based since we are studying Egypt. I will post pictures when is done because it is really neat. When you are done making it you can turn it into an art piece. For more on what I mean about that see here.
The boys are still working on their sewing skills. I can only share with you Gabes project because Sams is a gift for someone. Gabe is still a little hesitant about using a real needle so when I saw this idea I thought that it would be perfect for him.
The boys also did some baking. Sam measured out all of the ingredients and Gabe loved getting his hands dirty mixing it up. They made a delicious bread together.
Of course I needed to end with a brotherly love shot. Ok until next week. I will have more field trip pictures to share with you and of course school shots. Have a great week.

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Mrs. Darling said...

I have the states sequence game and we've never played it! Scandalous I know!

Love how the oldest is teaching the youngest. Thats what its all about.