Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Daddy Tees

Ok my lovely readers I wanted to share with you a wonderful site. (Of course I might be a little partial) It is called My Daddy Tees. It is a small side business set up by my wonderful hubby. He hand paints designs on shirts and onesies (on anything else you might want too). If you are looking for a shirt with a certian design and have a hard time finding it, check him out. The only thing he will not be able to do is a design that is already trademarked. He is up for anything else though.
This is actually one of my favorites that he has done. The picture actually does not even do it justice, It came out so great. So if you like this Stonehenge, Go check out his site now. I promise you will be very happy.

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Amber said...

COOL! That shirt looks so nice! Hand painted shirts are the best. I wish I could bring out a crafty side with my hubby (he doesn't like to do anything crafty). If I didn't already have a no buying clothes rule (I still sew all my girls clothes)I would be giving your hubby an order.