Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Birthday Gift....

My nephew is turning 3 this weekend and I was trying to figure out what to give him. I have to admit that I was a little stumped until I came across this great idea. The family was doing an activity about butterflies. It looked like so much fun that I had to make it. Of course I tend to go overboard and make alot of things. I made a bag for him to keep all of the pieces in, including a pocket on the front for the book. I fell in love with the fabric it is covered with little caterpillars and flowers.
Here is the stages of the butterfly for him to play with. To start with I attached a little white egg to the leaf. Second is a puppet to represent the caterpillar stage (a puppet so that he can eat through all the food). Then of course we have a cocoon. Finally a butterfly puppet to complete the stages.

Here is everything that he eats through the first week in the book. Everything is made from felt, I just made slits in the middle for him to put the puppet through.
Then last but not least is the food that he eats on the last day before entering the cocoon.
I made this with some help from Gabe. I thanked him at the end for the help and we had a nice little conversation about it.
me: thanks so much for your help. I could not have not done it with out you.
Gabe: I know, you helped a little too.
me: Just a little?
Gabe: yeah in the begining
Me: In the begining (scratching my head at this point)
Gabe: Yup you gave birth to me.
Me: Just a little help hah!
This kid is a riot. The boys loved the gift so much they have already picked out stories that I can make play sets for. Should be fun!

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