Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little Recap...

So I am a bit delayed with this reacap, sorry about that. Man time can really get away from you. We have been busy around here. Between School lessons and Field trips the boys fall dance lessons have now started back up.
Now we have more dance classes to tend to. Gabe is still doing Tap/ballet with hip hop right afterwards. Two hours of dance straight, and yet the kid still does not slow down. Sam is still doing the Hip Hop with his brother but now has a Tap class of his own. He is loving it so much.

We have been doing lots of Arts and Crafts. One of the favorite projects has been tie dying their own t-shirts.
There has been lots of board Games too.
There has even been some school time with daddy.
Of course we have squezeed in time for the pool. Sam has come leaps and bounds with his swimming. It is really amazing.

Time for an old family favorite. Bubble mania. Sorry about the poor shot but my battery died as I took the shot. really annoying :(

Another Art project the boys did was make Egyptian Estates. They had a lot of fun with this project. Sam's estate is on the top, Gabe's is below.
Lots of puzzle time.
The boys also made scarab paper weights for their Egypt studies.Gabe's is above, Sam's is below.
We have been doing Story of the world for our history lesson this year and the boys are loving it. The activity book is so full of activities. This Crown has been one of the favorite projects for the boys so far. It is the crown of ancient Egypt. Gabe has loved it so much, he has been wearing it all of the time. He has even been asked to be called the "pharoh". It has been lots of "This pleases the pharoh", "The pharoh is now unhappy" plus lots of other things. The boy is to funny.

I actually have a few more things that I want to post about so I will try to get back sometime this week. Have a great day.

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