Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our start of school.....

I know that in the past I have said so much about starting to blog more. I really want to because it is really fun for me to blog. However that does not really work for me. Even though things have settled down some we are still so busy. So what I decided to do is just limit myself to one recap post a week. That way it is not so overwhelming. Ok with that we started our full schedule this week and I have taken a lot of pictures over the last few days. With all of that said grab a drink and pull up a seat. Then take a look at what we have been up to.
On monday I started the boys off in the pool with a geography lesson. We played the globe game. You know where you toss the globe ball back and fourth and say what ever your right thumb lands on. The younger kids can say the ocean or continent. The older kids can say countries and their capitals. Of course the boys loved it. I mean who does not want to have geography class in the pool.
Mondays sensory was one of their favorites- The rice bin! Look at those smiling faces.
We have also started studying our new country, the choice country is Egypt. The boys started off by coloring and making their own flags.
To make their flags I let them each use the sewing machine. They had so much fun making it, do not worry the little guy had my help the whole time. Sam was so proud of his work. I love that look of pride on his face.
Here is one of the finished flags. They were both the same so I just posted one. The Eagle in the middle was actually hand painted by my DH. He is just so talented!
This is "Egypt Man" I found him over here at this site with some other Country Friends. The boys loved coloring him. Sam's is on the top, if you notice the scar on his face that is the Nile River. Gabe's is on the bottom, the blue nose is his way of putting the Nile River on.
I just love the focus on their faces. It is amazing (mostly because they nevcer focus LOL). Just kidding the do focus, on occasion that is.
Another sensory activity that they did yesterday was to blow bubbles.

Sam wrote a blog entry for his english yesterday about our trip to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. Go check it out over here. He would love it if you left a comment for him.
One of the new thing that we are doing this year is reading the "Story of the World" for our history. I have been looking for something new to try and heard some good things about it on other blogs that Dh and I decided to try it. Well lets just say that so far we have only read the introduction and we are not dissapointed at all. We bought the activity book to go along with it and it is full of so many different things to try, we actually have to split all of the work over three days so that we do get overwhelmed. The boys started making their own family history books the other day, but today was their favorite activity by far. They were archeaologists.
It said to bury stuff in the yard for them to find, but I live in an apartment so I did not think that my landlord would like that. Instead I took out a bin and filled it with soil. Then I buried little egyptian statues in it. I gave them brushes and and sifter. They had so much fun finding the stuff. I included a few extra pictures of it.

Of course my sensory seeking monkey could not resist, and started buring his feet in the soil. They also made some dried food collages today to, so I will end with some pictures of the end results.
Of course the boys had plenty of work sheets to do this week to, which they did not do to well on that. Overall the boys have been doing real well, here is hoping to a great year here and for all of you too. I will be back on next Thursday for another recap. Maybe I will sneak in a little one this weekend because we are going on a field trip here. You will have to wait and see though.

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Amber said...

WOW! Your family does such fun things! You are the craftiest/most creative family ever! I wish we lived closer. Rob and Travis don't enjoy crafts and Demi and Zee are still a bit young. I feel lonely crafting at my house.

BTW if you are worried about a child sewing into his finger you can get a needle guard for your machine. I think they run $8-35. If a machine has a needle guard on and a child doesn't have long hair or long sleeve loose clothes they have very little change of ever getting hurt on a machine (but a child could hurt your machine by being tough with it). Sadly my machine is a Husqvarna and they don't make needle guards for that name brand but singer machines are easy to get a guard for just google needle guard. If I ever get a back up machine it will be a singer so the children can use it.