Monday, September 22, 2008

Unplug your kids Project

The theme this week for unplug your kids project was....Hard. I have to admit that the week kind of got away from me with out thinking about it. That is until this weekend when I was making supper and Gabe asked if he could build a dam. I thought great Dams are hard right, Even though he built them out of pillows.

Well Dh looked at the pillows and wanted to lay on it. He told Gabe that he was an official dam inspector and had to test it to make sure it was strong enough. He said it was a HARD job but someone had to do it. See there is that hard theme again.
Well the kids thought that being Dam inspectors was a wonderful idea and had try it out for them self.
The HARD part for me was getting them to clean up all of the pillows when they were done. LOL. Well make sure to check in again and see next weeks project. Until then check over here and see everyone else's project.


Kate in NJ said...

Looks like the theme wasn't too "hard" for you guys! lol
Very clever your boys are, and not too "hard" on the eyes either. ;-)

Dayna said...

I love your ability to incorporate the theme even on a tough week. This looks like it was a great time! I know I will be looking around our house for a spot that is the perfect width to Dam off.

So Smrt said...

I see a pattern with Daddy's involvement...if there's any jumping or wrestling or rolling on the floor, he's all over it! Way to find projects that Boys love! :)

Fairiemom said...

Your blog is great! I always love seeing some of the things that other homeschoolers are doing and I had never heard of this unplugged project, but I think it is a fantastic idea that we may need to start incorporating into our week!
Thanks so much for sharing and have a great birthday tomorrow!!!

Yelli said...

Great post! I loved the "dam inspector!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, I giggled so much reading your post!

Anonymous said...

Dam inspectors? To funny! You win this week's award for "Most Original!" I love it!