Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Proof......

Ok so I provided proof for our week. hehehe. I know that you all needed it. Actually I think that I just used it as an excuse to take pictures of the boys, not that I needed it. This week went really well. The boys did fall behind some, but that is no big deal. That is what the weekend is for. We will get all caught up. Now if I can just find some ways to speed them up a little that would be good.
This first picture was on Monday. The boys were working on (S) Geography and (G) English. Sam was coloring in the map that I printed for him of China. He has one more thing to add to the map before he finishes it. Then I will add a picture because he is doing so good on it. Gabe is working on his Letter pages for his own alphabet book. I did include a picture of one of his final pages a little lower.
These two pictures are of their Chinese art lessons. This time they worked on wood writing. When it is finished you are supposed to roll it up and it makes a little china story book. Very fun project, Sam actually wants to make more some time. I thought that it was to small of a surface for Gabe (He likes to make things big) so I just gave him some paper and had him write out three symbols. He did really good. Unfortunetly I keep forgetting to take pictures of them. When I finally do I will post them.

This was the boys when they did their life skills lesson on transferring. Sam transfered a bowl of rice with a baby size spoon. Gabe transfered peanuts with a measuring spoon. Not one bit was spilled. Well that is not exactly true. Not one bit was spilled except for the peanuts that Gabe would catapult across the room. So if they did it properly not one thing spilled.
Sam working on his Henri Matisse coloring page. He did such a good job on it. I put a picture of his down a little lower. Gabe on the hand frustrated us. He had been doing so well on his coloring lately, but this assignment set him back a little. He took a dark purple crayon and scribbled all over it. So much so that we could not really see the picture.
This though was his sewing lesson. We bought some hand puppet kits from the school store and choose to make this cheery one for his first kit. Sam was sewing his fish pillow. I do not have a picture yet, because he has not finished it. I will include a picture when it is finished.
I just love the look of concentration in these two pictures. Gabe was writing on his math sheets and Sam was doing some research for his geography project.

This was one of Gabe sensory lessons. It is a bin filled with beach sand and shells. He was being very cute because since it was beach sand he wanted Sam to bury him. He settled on just burying his feet since the bin was to small.
All I have to say about this ..... My boys hard at work. To sweet.
This is a sight word game that I read about somewhere. I apologize to who ever said it for not giving you the credit, I just do not remember where I read it. It is a great idea though. We took ten sight words and printed them on butterfly shapes. Then we got this betterfly net from the dollar store. I place the butterflies around the apartment and he has to try and catch them. To keep them in the net he has to say the word to get them to stick to the net or they fly away. A cute fun Game.
This is Sam's Henri Matisse coloring page. I think that he did a great job.
I do not know how well you can see it but this is Gabe's handwritting sheet. All he was supposed to do was trace the lines down. I left him alone with it for a couple of minutes and when I came back he wrote his name down the page. Funny boy.
The last picture I will leave you with is our new pet Freddy the caterpillar. He likes to help little kids count by 2. He is so cute don't you think. Alright I have to run now. Sam wants to go to the dollar store. He had a visit from the tooth fairy this week because he lost his two front teeth. Such a cute smile but the money is burning a hole in his pocket. So I will have more later.


Piseco said...

Love to see all the pictures! They are great, as always.

What a fun idea about the butterfly net. I'll have to think about a way to use that game with JediBoy - maybe words he has to read in Spanish?

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow looks like some fun learning has been going on! Good for you!

Kate in NJ said...

LOVE that caterpillar!!
Your week looks awesome!!