Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Monday and a book list....

Wow I am so excited. We have only just finished one day for the week. The key word there is finished. Oh we have been stuggling with that. I had a great talk with Sam about trying to get his work done and that he should try to challenge himself more. So far so good. Things worked so well that I thought that I would share some pictures with you guys. Of course I will finish off the book list for you.
Since we are studying China right now we decided to figure out how many times we would go around our building to equal the distance of the Great Wall. Any one curious. A whopping 51,295.29 times around.
Of course Gabe managed to have some other fun. I mean it is not a good day until you get to puddle jump. Then of course he discovered his reflection in the darker cars. That was a lot of fun for him.
The boys each did a File Folder Game for math. They had a great time with that. Then they used their Kapla blocks and Legos to build a Great Wall of China.
Sam got his entry done for his blog. Make sure to check it out over here.
When Daddy got home he pitched in and helped finish up thing. He worked on the dressing frames with Gabe. Then finished up on watching a Bill Nye video. A very great day.
Time for the book list portion. Just a couple but their goodies. So here you go.

The Wild Wombat by Udo Weigelt. This was such a cute story. It was alot like the telephone Game for animals. You have to read to see what all the animals were thinking this Wild Wombat was like. A huge hit with the boys.
The Matzo Ball Boy by Lisa Shulman A very cute twist on the gingerbread man story. It is a Jewish version. Really cute.
Kissing Coyotes by Marcia Vaughan If you have a story telling kid like we do, this is a story that you might want to check out. Basically the Jack Rabbit tells so many stories about what he can do. Such Tall tales that is, finally everyone gets sick of it and says prove it. Just check out what happens.
Hope that everyone enjoys these selections. Happy Reading.


Piseco said...

Thanks for sharing your great day & all the pictures. I love the one of Gabe discovering his reflection in the car window. :)

Kate in NJ said...

I love the walk around the building..I am assuming you "did the math" after once around and didn't actually walk around it 51,295.29 times..right? ;-)

reprehriestless warillever said...

It looks like Gabe had a lot of fun!