Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well that is at least what my husband said about me after our schooling this week. See we started out with our new lesson plans 2 weeks ago. The first week I do not think we actually accomplished one single day and had to finish everything over the weekend. This past week though all of Monday was completed on Monday, pretty cool. Of course the other days were not completly finished so we will do catch up this weekend. I told DH though that it was ok, as long as we improve each week. Like next week finish Monday and Tuesday on time. (More days is always better though) The important thing is that the boys are happy and they are doing really well. All school work is finished by the end of the week and does not carry over. Now on to the pictures of the week. (Sorry there is a lot ;))
One day I found Gabe laying on the couch looking through a magazine. Was it the new Toy Magazine, Nope. It was this one. I guess he is really enjoying school, he was asking for everything in the magazine. LOL
The kids got a bubble mania session in this week. They have so much fun with this.
I played Phonics Go Fish with Gabe. It was an idea that I got from this book. I looked at the clip art on the computer and found images (A is for apple and alligator). Then to play the game it is just like regular go fish but instead you ask thing like do you have something that starts with the same sound as apple. It was really fun.
Our Cable company recently made over their on demand channel and added new things to it. One of the things that they added was a fitness show for kids. The boys wanted to try it oout for gym class one day. In this picture Sam is supposed to be lying on his back and raising his legs in the air to get his brothers hands. They were so funny. The coordination was not reallty there yet.
Oh my little guy, always trying for a laugh. This time he was trying to avoid the school work. He was curious if his tongue looked like a hot dog bun. Ohh sometimes I just do not know what to do with this kid. I told him he is one dangerous kid. He asked me why. I told him because he is to cute. He definetly makes life interesting. LOL
The boys did some planting with their dad this week. The planted sunflower seeds in a glass jar so that they could see the roots grow. They are working on non-living vs. living in science right now.
For our China Art this week, they worked on designing china clothing. They designed a dragon robe. (Sorry I keep forgetting to take finished pictures) Here are some of the steps though. First cut ot a Robe shape form cardstock and paint it up. Then the boys did not want to hand draw a dragon so I printed one for them to color and put on their robe. Also not shown was the step of making a design all over the back of the robe. It looks really neat when done.

Gabe had some sensory time in his rice bin this week. He loves that so much. By the end he is in the bin filling his clothes with rice.
This picture was from last week but I did want to share a finished product picture with you. It is Sam's finished fish pillow. He made it all by him self. I think that it turned out so good.
One of Gabes math lessons this week was Bean Bag Add. I made out some targets (old butter container lids), numbered them 1 thru 10. Gave him 2 bean bags to throw. The numbers that it landed on he had to add. If it only landed on one then he added it together (like 1 + 1). I even set up a spot to us his quidgets to help him add them up.

Of course we had lots of reading time around here to. One of the boys favorite activities to do. They find it so much fun.
One of the lessons this week was to practice folding. As you can see Gabe did not really care for it to much. It was a little tiring to him.
Well that was some of our week. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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