Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Week

Wow this is my 400th post. I never thought that I would have this much to say. Oh ok I never thought people would tune in this long, I always knew I had enough to say. LOL. Here are some shots from the week. This week went a bit better than last week, but we still did come into the weekend a little behind. Not as much though, so that is good right.
It was such a beautiful day out the other day that I had the boys move art class outside. I supplied them with canvas and oil pastels. They were to look at our pool area and draw what they saw.
This was Gabe's Picture of the pool.
He also decided to do one of some trees. I really like this one.
Here is Sam's picture of the pool. I think that he did such a good job. He spent so much time trying to get all of the details just right. The picture below is of the pool area what do you think of his job? Pretty Good right!

They also made a dragon boat this week. The top photo is the side that Sam did. The bottom one is the side that Gabe did. See Kate we used the orange tissue paper. Thanks.

Here is Sam's puppet that he made. It turned out really cute. He is loving learning how to sew. He can not wait to learn how to use the sewing machine. He is growing up so fast.

Our final shot is of the count by 10 hockey. I took a bunch of old butter containers and cut out a section to make it sit flat. Then I wrote numbers on the inside of the container. I cut out slots on the top so that you could still read the numbers. Then we got a hockey stick. I bought that at the dollar store so the whole project only cost 1 dollar. Pretty good right. Then I would say things to Gabe what comes in between 30 and 50. He would find 40 and try to hit the ball in. By the end he could count all the way to 100 by 10s. It was really fun. Sam actually wants us to make one for him now. I am thinking parts of speech. (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) Write those on the bottom. Then show cards with words on it and he would have to hit it into the right section. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 400th post!!

The puppet is just darling :) Thanks for sharing. The Homeschool Weekly meme is up if you want to sign the Mr. Linky.

Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

Loving the hockey fun, I'm Canadian so hockey appreciation runs through my blood ;)