Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What a day I had yesterday. It started out pretty well considering that DH was at work until 8:30 last night. The kids were working on the school work. Gabe was having a blast playing on starfall.com and then we read a couple of books. We read Me and My Place in Space and Me and the Measure of Things by Joan Sweeney. Excellent books. She has more in the series too, so check her out. Sam worked on Rosa Parks since it was her birthday. He read 2 books about her. The Bus Ride that Changed History by Pamela Duncan Edwards and If a Bus could Talk by Faith Ringgold. They wanted to play with their pop up bus too in honor of her, but they ran out of time. They decided to try and do that today. Sam also did some work sheets and studied up on constellations. That was our morning. It was pretty good, well then we have the afternoon. I put the boys down for naps (because they certainly needed it.) Well Gabe goes into my room and Sam stays in theirs. Gabe fights every single nap. So in rebellion this time he dumped a container of nuts and bolts all over my floor. Then he got into my craft supplies and found the permenant ink stampers. I did include pictures below. I got lucky it could have been worse. Then Sam woke up saying that I needed to spray the whole apartment down because he had an accident while sleeping. Oh what a day. DH sat safely at work laughing his butt off at me.

Well I had every intention to blog about this yesterday, but I did not get a chance. I did however find this given to me by Kate. Thanks Kate it made my day improve alot. I automatically want to give it to you to because your blog is excellent!

To Share with other people that I think is excellent. Now that is tough because there are so many out there. To start off I want to give it to Amber. She is so amazing with all of the projects that she does with her kids. So very full of information. Really cute kids to boot. Next I want to give to Yasmina. I love reading about her adventures with her kids. It feels like we so much in common when I read hers. Then I want to give it to Pattey. Her blog is just a lot of fun to read. She has so much fun on things that she does with her kids. Basically I would give this to everyone out there but then that would leave no one for these ladies to give it to. So you are all Excellent. Keep blogging.


Kate in NJ said...

I hope it all came out in the bath,lol. We have had those days too!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

Awww thank you. You deserve the biggest award. You are amazing the things you do with your kids. Your blog is truly an inspiration, keep blogging.
Love the messy hands. Oh boy Gabe. At least you have proof now. What a kid. Oh by the way, Zachary wants to come over and play. He loves to see Gabe's pictures.