Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh what a week......
I have been so busy. Let me share the past few days with you and what we have been up to. Ok the last day that I posted anything was Thursday. Here are some photos of what the kids did on that day.
First Gabe played that he was the Statue of Liberty. I know my kids are a little odd, they like to pretend that they are World Landmarks. That is one of the many reasons that I love these crazy kids of mine though.
This one was complements of Gabe. I went in the Bathroom to find this. When I asked him what was going on he said..."The dinosaur needed his medicine." Ouch! poor dinosaur.
Then the kids did some art projects for The Chinese New Year. They are making their own ribbon lanterns. They have yet to finish them because I was missing one of the supplies. So as soon as I get to the store they will be able to finish them.
Friday was a catch up day. We had fallen so far behind on our work this week that I gave the boys time to finish up on it. That is one of the many joys of homeschooling, schedules can be adjusted with ease. So in this picture Sam had made one of the floor foam puzzles. Well Gabe thought that he needed to naap on it. Sam thought that he was to cute and took the picture.
Well this picture and the one below it were of some robots that Sam built because Thursday was also "Love Your Robot Day". So he built these two great robots. We also watched 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on Friday because it was Jules Verne's Birthday.

Well on Saturday we went to the library as usuall. Unfortunetly we had to walk there because the car is still broken down. We found out it is the transmission on that. Yuck!!!! Well the library is 3 miles away so 6 round trip. So all four of us put on back packs and set off. All bags were filled for the trip home to. The boys were so good. Gabe cried some but that was because he was in a lot of pain, his sneakers have gotten to small. By the end of the walk daddy carried him up on his shoulders. Then when we got home we unloaded the books and headed out to finish the last of our errands. The boys walked about 7 miles total that day. Oh and for the last portion I did allow them to switch their shoes. Also on Saturday it was the anniversary of Hershey's Chocolate foundation. So as the picture above shows we mad some chocolate covered pretzels.
Sunday we normally due our "unplugged" project. The boys just did not feel up to it this week. So this was there unplugged time. Sam played monopoly with daddy. Gabe sat there reading while they played. It was a nice easy day. That night things changed though dh came down with a fever. Pretty sure he has the flu, because he is still home fighting whatever he has. So monday ended up being a pretty tame day with him being sick. I spent the day taking care of him and trying to get ahead on the cleaning in case I come down with it. Now that brings me today a whole lot more cleaning and taking care of the sick. The kids are coming down with whatever their dad has. The biggest bummer of all is that it is ......
Gabe's Birthday.
He turns 5 years old today. So it is kind of a simple birthday today. We planned on going to here and here this weekend but it looks like we might have to postpone it for a week. oh well. Happy birthday to my baby anyways. So until everyone feels better I might disappear for a few days. Hopefully I will be back soon though.


reprehriestless warillever said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe!
Too bad everyone is sick, but this way you get to have your fun on two days :)

Mrs. Darling said...

In spite of the sickness it looks likr you all have been busy! Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

Kate in NJ said...

Happy 5th Birthday Gabe!!
(hugs) P and K in NJ
Hope everyone is better soon..you are good walking all that way to the library..we would have stayed home.;-)