Monday, February 25, 2008

This weekend we went to the nature center. I love that place. They are so wonderful there. The staff always answers all the questions my little guy throughs at them. There is so many fun hands on exhibits there. My favorite part is that it is FREE! Perfect Family fun that fits the budget. When we got there this time, this extremly large bird (picture does not do it justice) was standing out side the front steps. It was probably the same hieght as Gabe. You never know what wildlife you are going to see when you come to this place. It is wonderful.
We took our flat traveling buddy along for the adventure. She had a lot of fun. Since she is so small she was able to fit into some of the exhibits.

Today the boys spent all morning mving the toy corner from the living room to their bedroom. Well Gabe did not want to help out that much and was usually getting into Sams way as you can see. They did get it done but it took all morning so we are going to have to do the rest of their school work this afternoon.
The theme for this weeks unplug your kids project was letters (alphabet). We pulled out the letter mat that I made the boys a while back. To start with Sam worked on Gabe's letter recognition with him by writting a letter on the dry erase board and Gabe had to go stand on it. For Sam I had to make it a little tougher because he knows all of his letters, so we worked on spelling. I would write a word on the dry erase board, leaving out a letter, then he would have to find the missing letter. He had a lot of fun doing it.
That is it for now. Make sure to check back for next weeks I will also have my new book list coming up this week to, plus all of the other wonderful work we are doing to.


Mrs. Darling said...

What a fun way to learn!

Anonymous said...

A letter mat? What a wonderful idea! I really like the way you used it in a more challenging way for Sam by having him stand on the missing letter.

Having them move around like that I am sure adds a lot to the learning experience.

Thanks so much for the wonderful idea! I love this Unplugged Project so much, because I ALWAYS find a few truly inspired ideas!

That nature center looks fun. How nice to have something like that nearby. You are very fortunate.

I look forward to your ideas for music!

Kate in NJ said...

Once again I am so jealous of your nature center. We do not have one near us..well not near enough for me to drive to it,lol.
I was going to pull out the alphabet mat too, but it P wanted a more "quiet" project, so we went with felt,lol.

Tamara said...

I like that you have your older son teaching the younger. And that mat is so cool!

Michie said...

That letter mat is such a great idea! My daughter would have a lot of fun with that. You could even use it for the music theme - play music and have them find different letters...move with the ABC song, etc. Oh, and I wanted to say I love the picture in your banner. :)