Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bowling time

Wow I did not mean to leave the blog again, at least that it was not as long as the last time. LOL. I had good reason though. Dh had the end of last week off so we got busy doing things as a family. It was great. We surpised the boys on Friday and took them bowling. It was so much fun, they wanted to know so bad where we going. We kept teasing tem and saying things like oh it is a Science Field Trip. They never figured it out until we pulled into the parking lot. They were so excited.

We had bumpers put up for the boys (ok me to hahaha). I got some videos of each of the boys trying on their own. Sam was really excited that he got his first strike. However though his little brother did beat him. He was okay with that though since Gabe did not get a strike. LOL. Gabe did great though because dh has had to help him in the past, this time all on his own.

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Kate in NJ said...

So glad you are back!