Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A high flying kind of day.....

The easter bunny had left the boys a kite set this year, so we decided to take them to the park this weekend to fly them. It was a wonderful beautiful day. While they waited for daddy to get their kites all set, They explored a little bit.
Gabe proudly showing off the pine cone he found.
The silly easter bunny was very excited to find a package set of kites with their favorite transformers on them. However that silly bunny forgot to read the package and see that one of the Kites was really tiny. Ooops!!! ;)

I think I need to be worried. He is only six and is trying to take the care. yikes!!
While his little brother was trying to go for a ride, he lent his kite to Sam to try a bigger one.

Working together on trying to get it up.
Success. It was a great time flying kites.

My boy always in love with nature and watching the water.

Sam was comforting his little brother after he ran into a spider web. A great big old spider web went right across his face. He cried pretty good about that. Sam poured some water onto his face to wash it away then gave him a nice hug. I love brotherly love!!!!

Of course the spider web was forgotten over a big bowl of Ice cream. Yummy.

Sam was so proud of his Vol-cone-o. It was such a great day.
I hope that you all have a great Earth day today. We have a nice surprise planned for the boys. I will let you know tomorrow about it. Just don't want them reading this and finding out early. :)
I hope that you enjoy this video of Gabe. He had so much fun flying his kite.

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Kate in NJ said...

They are such a great example
of Brotherly Love!!Happy Earth Day!!