Thursday, April 23, 2009

What we did for Earth Day...

As a surprise field trip for the boys we took them to the theaters for Earth. It was a really good film in my opinion. There was alot of similar shots to the Planet Earth series on the Discovery channel. I liked Disney's version a bit better. With James Earl Jones narrating the movie he was able to add in alot of humor which was great. The movie was a bit long though, 90 minutes, and we did feel all of those 90 minutes. If you have small children or children that have a hard time sitting for that long you might want to wait until the movie comes out on video.
They are doing a nice thing though if you go and see the movie this week, for every ticket bought they will plant a tree. That means we got four trees planted yesterday. :) Overall it was a good time and I recommend seeing it, wether you see it in the theaters or on DVD.
What did you all do for Earth Day!


Kate in NJ said...

The 90 minutes put me off..we'll wait for dvd.;-)
We did plant 2 new trees this year, so I did my part lol.

Mrs. Darling said...

Well we cut down a huge tree limb off of a walnut tree and tilled the garden but I guess thats more like cutting into mother earth than caring for her. Oops, but then again we are goign to use the resources, wood from the tree and fruit from the garden. I hope that counts for something.