Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well the ending of Tax season that is. The hubby finished up work early this year, so the late nights are over. Yeah we are going to have him home so much more.
As you can see the boys are pretty thrilled with that news. He has been greatly missed by all of us. I wanted to thank everyone that still checked in on us while we were missing. Thanks for sticking it out. I thought that I would share some pictures of what we have been doing.

Well to start with I thought that I would share a picture of Gabe. He has found a new favorite place to play. I swear that this kid has no fear and will try out anything.

The boys made musical glasses for art and music class one day. They actually had their dad home for it so they put a little concert for him. I did get a video of it so I will share that soon.

We of course have been doing a lot of sensory work lately. The boys favorite by far has been the mud run. I am still cleaning sand from places. Gabe was sitting in it by the end. So much mess, but yet so much fun.

We recently got an order from Montesorri N' Such. There was a couple of very popular items. First is the Sew and Sew. The kids are in love with it. Sam said that it was like a stress reliever for him. It has been lots and lots of fun for all. My favorite though has been the Magnetic Mosaic boards.

The set up is a magnetic dry erase board. Then it comes with a bunch of pictures for the kids to fill in. It is kind of like paint by number, just with magnetic foam squares instead.

Gabe did a fire truck for his first one. This is actually the one that Sam did for him. I forgot to take a picture of when Gabe did it. So Sam felt bad for him and recreated it so that he could have his picture taken with one. Sam did a parrot for his. He loved this project so much, he has been doing them each day.

Finally I will leave you with a video of a sensory activity that the boys did a few weeks back. I set up a finish line for them and they had to race their cars across it. The only catch was that they could only move the cars by blowing on the cars through straws. It was alot of fun for them.

I am going to take tomorrow to spend with the family but Monday I will be back with more posts for everyone. So until then I hope that you and your families have a great Easter.

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Yeah! You are's like the best Birthday Present ever!!