Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Simple School Project Tutorials.....

Ok so as homeschoolers we are always on the look out for new fun ideas to learn with, who of us is not looking.  The boys do the worksheets but they always want to do some active fun things. (really who can blame them)  So I thought that I would share a couple of ideas with you that I put together recently for them and show you how easy they were to make if you want to make some too. 

The first idea is something that I made for both of the boys.  Landmark blocks, I first saw the idea for it on pinterest and it linked me over here.  I thought that it was such a wonderful idea that I had to do it.  My boys love learning about the world, so much so I had to find away to make it challenging for them.  Check it out to see how I made it a little more challenging...

First gather the size of blocks that you want it to be.  These are just some old megablocks that are for ages one and up.
Once you have done that find a picture that you want to use (This is the Australian Capital building, one of the ways that I made it more challenging.  Sam knows alot of landmarks so I had to start using capital buildings)  I just printed this picture from the internet.  Once printed I used mod podge to glue it down.  Then I put a layer over the top to seal it down.

After the dried I cut them all apart.  (They are actually 2 sided to give even more of a challenge).
The problem that I have found with mod podge (which I love using very much) is that even after it dries it can still be sticky.  An easy way to fix this is spray down your pieces with clear spray paint, problem solved.
The finished blocks.  They were very easy to make and the boys love them.  Our only problem now is that we need more because the kids want some with art work and animals from around the world.  We have already used them to do grammar.  So many ideas, what will you make with them.
To give Sam a little more challenge with them I made these cards.  On the front side I wrote the country names.
The back have the pictures and info about the location. 
I placed them out like this for him and he then assembled the buildings.  Once assembled he put with what country he thought it went to.  Once he finished he flipped them over to check if he was right or not.

The next project I did was for Gabe.  It was a lesson for him to work on word families.  I have seen this idea all over the internet so I can not remeber where I originally found it sorry. 
I used a bunch of paint cards that I got from wal-mart awhile ago.
I painted word families on each card.
Then I made a chart with the alphabet and some common groups of Letters.
He then takes and runs it along the to find different words.

See they are easy to make projects and they cost me absolutly nothing. 

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