Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Orisirisi: Drum Stories

Our Library does some pretty good events.  Over the weekend we attended one called Orisirisi.  It was all about African music and story telling. 
It was run by a husband and wife team.  They did a really good job engaging all of the kids.  The wife danced and sang through alot of the things while her husband played the drums and told the stories. 
She did play the drums a little bit too!
As you can see from their faces they were enjoying it alot.  Our hands hurt at the end from all of the clapping that we had to do.
They even got up and did a little dancing.  :0)
At one point all of the children were asked to come and help play drums and other instruments.  Both of the boys were excited to play an instrument but a little sad that they did not get to play the drums.
I included some videos too!  None of them are very long but they give a nice sampling of what they did.  The first video is of her dancing.  The second video is of her trying to act out one of the stories (about a dog and a turtle).  The last one is some of the song that all of the kids got a chance to play.

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