Friday, February 24, 2012


I had severel photos that I thought were interesting just not enough of them to make a post on their own so I decided to do this random post. 
First up Sam's Sentence cups.  I wrote different sentences on the cups that might be properly written.  He had to tell me if they were written correctly on not.  If they were not then he had to tell me a way to fix the sentences.  Once he did that he used his catapult to knock them over. 

Can you find Gabe?  This is the inside cover of one of our science books.  He thought that it was hilarious.
We have played lots of games.  One of our favorites right now is Guess who mix and mash.  This one was my person and Gabe kept telling me that he could see the resemblence.  Such a nice kid I have here. LOL
We have gone on walks around the neighborhod enjoying the wonderful nature that we even find here in the city.
Playing lots of music.  Gabe really gets into it, LOL.
Sam learned how to make a syphon on his own that worked.  He was so proud of it.
 Recently we started going back to the main branch of our library because they are opened on sundays and it is better for our schedule.  We had not been there in a long time because one of the reasons is that they were closed a year for renevations.  So when we went back we were greated with this amazing mural in the lobby.  The book of Einstein was Sam's favorite.

(taken by Gabe)
Of course we spent time capturing memories.

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