Monday, February 27, 2012

Science with Dad

Rob is a very hands on father.  With his schedule though it is diffuclt to be there for all of it, when he is though he makes sure it counts.  Recently the kids got a treat that dad helped them with some school work.  He helped Sam with some science lessons on water pressure.
The first part was to fill a container with water and put one hole in it to see how far the pressure made the water come out.

The second part was to take another container and put three holes in it to see if the pressure would make a difference on any of the holes.
They were checking the distance here. (a yard stick was laying on the ground so they could see the difference in lengths)
Well Gabe could not stay away any longer.  He wanted in on his brothers science (LOVES water).
Well dad made sure he was included.  Gabe loved this by the way he kept saying "again again" 

So that is what happens when all three of my guys get together and do some science.

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