Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  Alot of fun was had here.  I finally got pictures of the boys this morning.  Ever since we completed the costumes it has been raining so I could not get it taken.  Finally we had sun this morning, YAH!  Alright on to the costumes.  Did anyone guess from my last post what Gabe was going to be...
He was a parrot.  Any one get it right?  The Costume was pretty easy to make and very inexpensive.  It was just really time consuming to make.  He loved it though and that is all that matters. :0)
To make the costume I bought a 5.00 twin size flat sheet (my only expense)  and cut out a bunch of feathers out felt that I already had.  I added the zipper (also had already)  to the front for it to be easy to put on and off.

Here is a view from the back showing all the way up his head. 

As you see Sam was a red-eye tree frog.  So of course he had to pose in a tree.  LOL
I love this shot of him .  Such a good looking kid. :0)

He really wanted to have a shot next to the pool because as he put it "Mom I am a frog and frogs like water."
Then he wanted to get one with him jumping mid air.  LOL funny kid he is really taking dressing as a frog to heart.
Here is a close up of his eyes.  They were probably the best feature of his whole costume. (all though the whole thing was pretty cute)
His completed costume only cost us 5.00 dollars too.  Can not beat that.  His father made his costume for him and we had all of the supplies for it.  The only thing that he bought was some glue for the felt hands and feet so that he could double layer them with out sewing it.

I am including a very cute video from Halloween night, Sam froggie jumping with his little 2 year old buddy.

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Kate in NJ said...

They are getting to be such good looking young men..no longer cute little babies...:-(
Why are our children growing so quickly? lol
You two are so very talented!!