Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just wanted to let everyone now that we are still here.  Just really busy getting ready for the holidays starting up.  Of course throwing in everday life too.  Here is a little bit of Randomness that we have been up to.
Our grandmother is back in Florida, So we went to visit her for the weekend.  The boys absolutly LOVE seeing her.  They find her really silly.
Of course there has been alot of working on Halloween costumes.  This is a little peek at Gabe's costume.  Any guesses at what he is?  Hopefully I will get it completed today, then I will share what each of the boys are.
With the boys being homeschooled I do not have to make the holiday gifts for kids in the boys classes.  This actually makes me kind of sad because I love doing that kind of stuff.  So instead we make things for kids in the dance classes.  This is a picture of one of the cookies that I put into the bags.  I was so excited how it turned out because it was the first time that royal icing has ever worked for me.

When things get as busy as they do in life it is always nice when you can fix something easily.  As most of you know that follow us Sam is an avid reader.  Well one of the many series that he is reading right now is called Septimus Heap.  The first book in the series called Magyk had some problems.  It got to a certian point in the book and pages started repeating and then a forty page section was also missing.  Well my husband e-mailed the publishing company, Harper Collins Publishing, because we wanted to get it fixed.  We figured it would take a while to get the problem resolved.  Not the case though.  By the next morning the replied to our e-mail asking for the ISBN number and our address.  Then they mailed us a new copy at no charge to us.  In under a week we had the new book in our hands.  I love when something goes that easy. 

Time to get off the computer and get some more work done.  Such a busy time of year hope to be back soon with some more stuff that we have been doing.

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