Sunday, November 06, 2011


A spur of the moment field trip for the kids this weekend to the Loggerhead center. 
The boys love going here because of all the wonderful help that they give to the sea turtles.  They also love the little nature center in the front.
This skeleton of the sea turtle was so large the picture does not actually do it justice.  Lets just say that you most likely will not find one this size on a beach any time soon.

Cool Fish tanks all around.

Checking out some really neat fish with grandpa.
Just being my little Dude.  Love that little face.
The boys posing as a mermaid and a scuba diver.  Each boy had a turn in the different characters.

Here are some of the turtles that are being nursed back to health.

I love this shot with the bubbles.
Gabe could have stayed there all day watching the turtles.  He loves them so much.
I love this shot of the boys.  Gabe was posing and Sam snuck up behind him.  Ohh how much I love these boys. 
Sam ended of the trip with another pose.  This time he was measuring the sea turtle.  He liked that much better than the mermaid one.  LOL.  Check back tomorrow I will have pictures from the Morikami.

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