Saturday, September 18, 2010

To make a snake...

One of the lessons that I do with the boys is have them sew as a life skills lessons.  They actually have their own sewing machine that they got for christmas last year.  Sam is becoming really good with it.  Gabe is good as long as he realizes that it is not a race car.  Well I am always trying to have some fun projects with them to sew.  Recently Gabe started to become really interested in Snakes (he watches alot of Jeff Corwin).  I saw this project and I thought how perfect it would be for them to do as a joint project.  I was actually sewing something on my machine at the same time, more on that at another time.
Being the smart momma that I am (hehehe) I actually thought to document their process in photos for you.  Hope you enjoy, I know that I did. 
First step.  Pick out the material and cut out your pieces. Side note, The helmet is on because he recently started learning to ride his bike.  He has gotten obsessed with the helmet, wears it all the time.

Step two.  Get pins in so you can start sewing.

Then big brother realizes that you are big enough to start sewing on your own.

After you get it all sewn together, it is time for stuffing it.  Phew that sure is a tiring job, LOL!

Once you get all of the stuffing in that you want, it is time to sew it closed.  Look at that concentration, he is just to cute sometimes ;)

There you have a super easy and cuddly soft snake made by two brothers.

the full snake

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