Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to school...

Ok we never really stopped schooling over the summer.  It is that time of year when all of the kids are heading back to school.  Since we homeschool the kids do not get to participate in the shopping for new clothes and supplies.  Last year we came up with a fun tradition for them.  We get them a new toy or game that is educational, something to make learning fun for them.  Then to cover the new school clothes we get them a new "school uniform", pajamas. 
For Sam we got a new Geography book beacause he is so good at geography and needed something to challenge himself.  He got the GEOGRAPHY BEE, it is the study guide for the national geography bee.  He has decided that he needs to be the champion of it in the next few years.  We also got him the Brain Box All Around The World, what can I say my boy loves his geography.  Gabe continues to follow in his brothers foot steps and is also very good at geography so we needed to get him a new book too.  We got him The Everything Kids Need To Know About Geography.  He is very excited about it.  We also got him a brainbox game.  His was about the U.S. Presidents since I am woking on it with him this year.  Now here is a little photo shoot of them in their new outfits (their dad made the shirts and I did the pants).  Sorry for the poor shots.

First up Sam, his theme is the frog prince.  It is hard to see what the pants looks like but the frog on his shirt looks just like the ones on his pants.

Next is Gabe, his is Curious George (he is a little ham for the camera)

Now for some joint shots

The boys are having a great time with school and are staying very comfortable with their new outfits.  Hope that everyone is doing great with their school activities.  I can not wait to read all about them.  Until then have a great one.

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