Thursday, March 11, 2010

Window With A View......

While schooling the boys I always try to have some sort of art class for the boys. It is always so much fun to see what they come up with. It is hard to come up new original ideas for them, so I am always looking at the library for books to help.
The Muppet book is our book this week and it is lots of fun. It has so many wonderful projects but our choice project was a "Window With A View". The boys loved this so much, it hangs next to of each of their beds.
This is Sam's window. He is very much into studying Greece right now so he drew what he thought Athens would look like from a birds eye view. Such a silly kid, I love it though. The colors really pop and it looks great on his wall. The picture below is what it looks with his curtain closed. If you notice there is even a shelf on the base for them to put there little nic nacs on.

Surprise this is Gabe's window. I know shocking my little monkey put monkey curtains on. He loves doing art but just rather play with other things right now so he does not put as much effort in it. If you look in his window though I think it turned out great. It is of a, wait for it, monkey jungle. I know you did not think it was going to be that though did ya. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed our room with a view. What view do you have?

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